Wing FTP Server Cracked 7.2.0

Wing FTP Server Cracked 7.2.0

Wing FTP Server Cracked 7.2.0 is a simple-to-use, powerful, efficient, and cost-free FTP server software compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It supports various protocols for transferring files, including FTP and FTPS. It also supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SFTP and gives clients the flexibility to choose ways to connect with the server. Administrators can also use access to a web-based interface that allows them to manage the server from any location. You can also track the performance of your server and even online sessions. You can also receive emails about different occasions happening on the servers.FTP Server FTP Server, as the name implies it’s an application created to manage and create an FTP server that can support transfer protocols like FTP, FTPS HTTP, HTTPS, and SFTPWing FTP Server displays an extensive interface that provides quick access to the administration panel and the server configuration, DNS settings, and many other options.

Wing FTP Server Crackedyou require is in the open, so when you require to react quickly and quickly, you’re competent to do so.As an administrator, you can access a powerful console to manage administrator accounts, see a comprehensive activity log, and make modifications on the server. The software uses an OpenSSL FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic module, which can also handle IPv6 accessibility rules.During times of uptime, the software monitors sessions and their duration. It shows upload and download speeds and records the number of transferred files. If you require more details, Wing FTP Server also keeps a detailed record of server activity.

If you need to use the app, it allows you to set up tasks. They can be set as one-time or monthly events, and select the precise time and date when they will occur.When it comes to the domain is related, Wing FTP Server provides monitoring of uptime, transfer, and downtime statistics and the ability to audit and report. You can create customized documents and then save these to HTML or TXT formats.

Key Features Wing FTP:

  • Web Management: With a single web browser, you can run the FTP server anytime and anywhere.
  • Database and LDAP: Storing user data through XML files, ODBC database, Mysql database, etc.
  • Automation & Event Management: Use event management to run Lua scripts, send email notifications, or run applications.
  • Mobile App: Features a mobile app for Android and iOS that helps mobile users manage FTP files easily.
  • Weblink & Upload link: Sharing or requesting a file with only a link, then anyone can receive/send files without logging in.
  • Multiple Protocols Support FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and HTTP/HTTPS. Free client FTP Rush for FTP/SFTP file transfer.
  • Cross-Platform You can run this FTP server software on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
  • Web Client Access or share files via a web browser; a new UI was added in v7.0.
  • Web Administration With a web browser, you can administrate the server anytime, anywhere.
  • iOS & Android App This Android / iOS App helps mobile phone users easily transfer and manage remote FTP files.
  • Event Manager Use the event manager to execute the Lua script, send an email notification or run 3rd party program.
  • High Availability Cluster Wing FTP can be clustered by Wing Gateway to deploy a simple load balancing solution.
  • Database & LDAP Store user data via XML files or ODBC/Mysql database, also support Windows AD/LDAP authentication.
  • Weblink & Upload link Share files or request files with just a web link, and then anyone can get/send files without login.
  • Audit & Report All the FTP transactions will be captured into a database; you can analyze it and generate reports in real-time.

Virtual Directories Allows you to map virtual directories to physical directories, and you can also use UNC paths or mapped drives for virtual directories.

What’s New Wing FTP?

  • Added support for HTTP/3 – The latest version of Wing FTP Server now supports the new HTTP/3 protocol, which offers improved security and faster performance compared to previous versions of HTTP.
  • Improved user interface – The user interface of Wing FTP Server has been updated to be more intuitive and user-friendly, with a modern design and improved navigation.
  • Enhanced security features – The latest version of Wing FTP Server includes several new security features, such as support for the latest SSL/TLS encryption protocols and the ability to configure IP blocking for failed login attempts.
  • Improved performance – The latest version of Wing FTP Server includes several performance enhancements, such as support for multi-threaded transfers and improved memory management.
  • Updated language support – Wing FTP Server now supports several new languages, including Russian, Turkish, and Spanish.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements – The latest version of Wing FTP Server includes several bug fixes and stability improvements to ensure a smoother and more reliable experience for users

System Requirement:

  • Processor: 1GHz or higher
  • RAM: 512MB or more
  • Hard Disk Space: At least 100MB of free space for installation and configuration files, as well as additional space for user files and logs
  • Operating System: Windows (Windows 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10), Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, CentOS, or other distributions), Mac OS X, or Solaris
  • Network Connection: A stable internet connection with a public IP address or a private IP address with port forwarding enabled

License Key:


How to Download?

    • Download and install – Download the Wing FTP Server installation package from the official website and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your computer.
    • Configure settings – Launch the Wing FTP Server Manager and configure the server settings once installed. This includes setting up user accounts, defining folder permissions, and configuring security settings.
    • Start the server – After configuring it, click the “Start Server” button in the Wing FTP Server Manager.
    • Connect to the server – Use an FTP client like FileZilla or WinSCP. Enter the server’s IP address, username, and password to establish a connection.

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